Sun Aire Stainless Steel Finish Air Purifier

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How Do Sun Aire Purifiers Work?

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UVC Information Information and facts about UVC light purification, the method the Sun Aire Air Purifier uses to clean the air.

How Sun Aire Purifiers Clean the Air

Room air is pre filtered as it enters the unit. The air is circulated around an ultra-violet, anti-germicidal lamp. The air is "energized" into allotropic oxygen, using this cool, safe, photon process.

The "energized" air is blown out the front of the machine and enters your indoor environment, seeking out contaminates in every nook and cranny.

When the "energized oxygen" comes into contact with a Particulate, Pathogen or Gas, the activated atoms attach themselves to the contaminate. If the contaminate is a gas, it changes its molecular structure. If the contaminate is a particle, it oxidizes it!

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