Sun Aire Ductless Furnaces and Air Purifiers
Manufacturered by Better Living

We manufacture ductless furnaces and air purifiers for better living for both your home and work environments. Our Sun Aire™ Ductless Furnaces are a safe, economical way to heat your home or office with clean, comfortable radiant heat.

Our Sun Aire™ Air Purifiers are available in residential and commercial models to clean your air of harmful bacteria, fungi, molds & mildew while removing offensive odors from the air you breathe and alleviating allergy and asthma symptoms.

Replace the expensive, disposable filter in your central air unit with our permanent HVAC Filter and start breathing easier as you rid the air flowing through your home or office of harmful bacteria and fungal spores.

Better Living means better air, better heat, better savings, a better lifestyle!

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Better Air
Sun Aire Air Purifier

Air Purifier Keep the air in your home or office free of offensive odors while destroying bacteria, mold, mildew, viruses and fungi.